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Sailing with you

Kalevi jahtklubi restoran

We are open:
Mo-Sat from 11.00 to 23.00; Sun from 12.00 to 22.00

Telephone: 623 9158
E-mail: info@jahtklubiresto.ee

Reg. No. 10993261
VAT No.: EE100868498

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About the yacht club


The yacht club was reborn on 5 February 2004, when four talented crewmen highly experienced in the art of making a good bar came together and decided to relaunch the once very popular club with a completely new look and level of popularity.

By taking an ‘all hands on deck’ approach, applying a lick of paint and underscoring the maritime theme, the past glory of the club was given a modern new twist. The menu and range of drinks on offer was also given a makeover, and once this was done, passengers could begin coming on board.

The yacht club boasts a unique atmosphere and takes pride in its exemplary service. Everything is designed for your enjoyment – something that will strike you as soon as you step inside. On cooler evenings you can mull over your thoughts by the open fire, while on warm summer nights you can lounge on the terrace and enjoy the river views.

To us, good places advertise themselves. People come here because their friends recommend us to them, or because they love the service we provide and the treats we serve up from the galley. We want you to have fun every time you’re with us, and always feel like coming back. You’re more than welcome to celebrate special occasions with us, too, or simply pop in for a spot of lunch, or spend a nostalgic evening watching the sun go down.

Sailing with you,